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What Exactly is an Air Ambulance?

An air ambulance is a business class aircraft that has been specially equipped with an FAA approved medical stretcher, advanced life support equipment, medications and a highly trained medical staff. It serves as a flying Intensive Care Unit, able to provide a wide variety of care to our patients. Some air ambulances are able to accommodate multiple patients on the same flight.

Air Critical Care’s air ambulances are equipped to provide the absolute highest level of care for your loved one/family member during this journey. Our staff consists of the the most experienced air medical team members in the industry. Depending on the specific needs of the patients, we can quickly assemble a medical team that includes:

  • Emergency Physicians
  • Critical Care Registered Nurses (CCRN)
  • Paramedics (CCEMT-P)
  • Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRT)

All of our staff exceeds all medical standards and have specialized training in Aero Medical Physiology and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). You can trust that our team is prepared to take care of your every need!

Air Medical Transport Coordination Made Easy

Air Critical Care specializes in providing air medical transport with top notch support and guidance from bed-to-bed all throughout the transport. We provide complete care during this complex and sometimes stressful process. Our services include:

  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Communication and coordination with customs for international flights
  • Assistance getting passenger through airport security
  • Obtaining a certificate from the flight doctor for patients indicating that they are “Fit to Fly”
  • Complete medical escort service from bedside to bedside

Once you and your family are faced with the idea of coordinating this process, you will quickly find that there are significant logistical issues involved, including communication with multiple health care facilities, airports and with medical personnel needed to accompany your loved one on the flight.

Air Critical Care has years of experience in air medical transport, commercial medical escort service, emergency transport, and long distance ground medical transportation. We also recognize that price is an important component in this decision so we keep the prices of our services competitive and easy to understand.

Leave All The Details To Us at Air Critical Care

Air Critical Care provides high quality, clinically distinguished, state of the art air ambulance transportation services during long distance medical transport. In addition to exemplary medical care during the transport, Air Critical Care sets itself apart from other medical transport companies by providing complete bedside-to-bedside service to ensure that the patient’s continuity of care is never compromised. Your personal flight coordinator will coordinate all details of the transport, ground transportation, customs, international clearance, all while listening to and incorporating the needs of the patient and their family. Your personal flight coordinator will keep family and loved ones informed of the flight’s progress so that you can breathe easy knowing that your loved one is being taken care of.

You can call our experienced team of air ambulance transportation staff at 1-800-550-0674 to begin the process of coordinating this process. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you.

Customer Service is #1 Priority for Air Critical Care

Air Critical Care has long been regarding as a leader in air medical services, providing air ambulance, medical escort, international commercial stretcher, and long distance ambulance services. In addition to providing the highest standards in medical care during transport, Air Critical Care focus on the patient and the family sets them apart from their competitors. We work with families to fully understand their needs and goals related to air medical services and can handle every detail from bedside to bedside. We understand that we partner with families during a very stressful time and strive to take away all of the worry related to moving a family member.
Here is just one testimonial from a valued customer of Air Critical Care:
December 2012 “I can’t thank you enough for my mother’s trip from PA to FL. Although the day was long she was well taken care of. Thank you for the periodic updates through the trip; it gave me peace of mind. And your rates were fair. Otherwise, it would have been hard to get her to Florida. I highly recommend your service.”

Trust Air Critical Care Offers All Levels of Medical Care During Medical Transport

Air Critical Care is a nationwide leader in the air medical transport business. As is one of the only transport companies that can offer medical flights from any city, any state, any country worldwide, Air Critical Care provides a wide variety of standard level treatment for patients using their services. Standard Services available include:

  • Basic Life Support (BLS): Patients need minimal external life support, but are in need of observation and perhaps oxygen during the air ambulance transport.
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS): Patients requiring ALS are usually suffering from trauma, burns or respiratory/cardiac failure, or a variety of other serious conditions. These patients often need equipment and medical flight care including cardiac defibrillation, ability to control and monitor dysrhythmia, administration of drugs, and establishment and maintenance of respiratory airway function.
  • Critical Care (CC): As the highest level of care, CC patients often are very ill or severely injured. This transport can include a physician or other specialty staff as needed.

Air Critical Care’s expert medical transport services teams are ready to provide all levels of care, even if the patient’s condition changes during the medical flight. They are also prepared to treat any in-flight medical emergency, so you can rest easy knowing that your loved one will receive the highest level of air medical transport care possible.

Air Critical Care Offers Many Convenient Options for Medical Transport Services

If you are faced with coordinating the transportation of a loved one from one medical facility to another, look no further than Air Critical Care. With top notch medical professionals, strong customer service, and vast experience in medical transport, Air Critical Can help. Call 1-800-550-0674 for more information about one of these air medical transport services:

  • Air Ambulance: Air Critical Care offers air ambulance services to patients looking for caring and strong medical care during long distance medical transport. The aircraft used by Air Critical Care are equipped as mobile intensive care units in the sky.
  • Medical Escort: Medical escort services are also available for those who may need some medical assistance to travel, but do not need a private air ambulance. This can be one of the most cost effective forms of air medical transport, especially if a patient is medically stable. This service is often used for those who are fairly independent but need some additional help with boarding or changing planes.
  • International commercial medical stretcher services: Air Critical Care can convert a commercial airplane into an advanced air ambulance, offering an alternative to private air medical services for those traveling internationally and needing greater accommodations. Seats are removed and a medical stretcher is installed in the commercial aircraft.
  • Long Distance Ambulance: Finally, Air Critical can provide large, comfortable vans that are staffed with experienced medical personnel to accompany your loved one by vehicle to their destination.

Air Critical Care’s Medical Escorts Make Travel Easy Safe and Convenient

One of the most popular services Air Critical Care offers is medical escorts, to accompany those who need some extra help while traveling. This is a cost effective, convenient way to make sure that your loved one reaches his/her destination safely and without worry or anxiety. The only requirement to qualify is that the passenger can sit in a seat for some period of time and is medically stable. Air Critical Care provides a “First Class” travel experience for all of our customers and will arrange each and every detail of the transportation from “bed to bed”. From medical staff to accompany your loved one on their journey to pre-boarding, arranging for a medical holding area, oxygen, Air Critical Care can manage it all. This service is available worldwide for all international and domestic air carriers.

Airline approved medical escorts will be Critical Care Registered Nurses (CCRN) or Critical Care Paramedics (CCEMT-P), depending on the need. They can fly with the patient in First or Business Class on a commercial airliner. Family members or other companions are also able to travel with the patient. For additional information, call Air Critical Care at 800-550-0674.

Air Critical Care’s Personal Touch

Air Critical Care understands the stress associated with coordinating the logistics around a family member’s health care. Hospital stays, bills, coordination of care – it can be very tough on the family. When a situation arises and you need to transport your loved one to a different hospital or healthcare facility, call Air Critical Care at 1-800-550-0674. Air Critical provides the highest quality medical air transport.

One of the keys to the success of Air Critical’s model is its intense focus on their customers. They strive to provide pediatric and adult patients with expert medical care with a special focus on compassionate care and personal attention that every customer deserves. It is a personal touch that is often lost in the busy, high volume health care setting. Air Critical Care puts service at the center of their care and actively works with clients to meet their needs, every step of the way. It is this high standard that has propelled Air Critical Care to be national leader in bedside-to-bedside medical air transport services.

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