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air ambulance

Air Ambulance

Air Critical Care has proven itself to be the worldwide leader in air ambulance services, providing air ambulance transportation both internationally and domestically. Air ambulance transports are supervised by our medical director, Dr. Blane M. Crandall, MD a graduate of the University of South Florida, who is a specialist in internal medicine and heads our Obstetric Emergency Transport Unit. Dr. Crandall supervises our medical staff of Registered Nurses (RN), Critical Care Paramedics (CCEMT-P), and Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRT) needed to transport our patients safely. Our medical directors wish to offer you the best service in the industry during your air ambulance transport.

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commercial medical escort

Medical Escort

Air Critical Care offers commercial medical escort services which are a very cost effective method of medical transportation as compared with private air ambulance services. This commercial medical transport service offers “bedside-to-bedside” assistance and is available worldwide for all international and domestic air carriers. An airline approved medical staff consisting of a Critical Care Registered Flight Nurse (CCRN) or Critical Care Paramedic (CCEMT-P) will fly with the patient in first or business class on a commercial airliner. Patients can qualify for the commercial medical escort service if the patient can sit in a seat for some period of time and is medically stable. Air Critical Care’s Medical Director, Dr. Blane Crandall, will communicate with the patient’s doctors for discharging and receiving information to determine if this mode of transportation is appropriate for the patient’s condition.
international medical stretcher

International Medical Stretcher

Air Critical Care has recognized the need for international commercial medical transport services dedicated to the delivery of caring, yet clinically distinguished medical care during transport. Our goal is to provide our patients with expert medical care with a focus on that personal attention that every customer deserves. We call that our “Personal Touch.” We strive to fulfill all of the needs of our worldwide medical transport patients by never compromising on service, integrity or the high standard of medical transport services that we have placed upon ourselves. By providing these international commercial medical transport services, Air Critical Care is able to offer a cost effective method to utilizing a commercial airline for medical transportation.
long distance ambulance

Long Distance Ambulance

When it has become necessary for individuals with specific or challenging medical needs to be moved from one location to the next, you can trust the company who has experience in this field. Since its inception, Air Critical Care has quickly risen to provide premium care in long distance medical transportation by transporting countless patients safely around the United States. Our medical ground transportation services combine compassion, experience and personalized attention to provide quality care for each patient transport.
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