July 21, 2015

A Career in Medical Transport is Fulfilling and Profitable

by brcwyngthm in Blog


The medical transportation industry provides a valuable service for those with serious medical issues. Many people with health problems need to travel to other locations, but cannot do so safely without special help. Medical transportation teams will handle any long or short distance travel needs to make life easier for those with disabilities or medical needs. Working for an Air Medical Service can be very fulfilling and profitable as a career choice. What is Medical Transportation? Medical transportation services are used to safely move someone who requires constant medical care to a new location. This distance can be as short as to a nearby medical clinic or a nursing home, or it may be as far as a different country overseas. Usually, long-distance medical transportation takes place in a specially-designed airplane or helicopter, but medical vans or ambulances may be used for shorter distances. State to State Patient Transport may be necessary for a number of reasons. People with medical issues may need to travel to a different medical or long-term care facility for treatment, and they may be unable to ride in a regular car or van. Often, they will require constant medical care or use devices like that need to remain connected and functional in order to maintain their health. Even a trip to a relative’s home or to regular appointments can be challenging for those with medical concerns. Medical transportation offers these people the ability to get to where they need to be without risking further problems with their health. During medical transportation trips, full-service medical care is provided to suit any patient’s exact needs. Well-trained, experienced medical personnel make up the crew during these travels, and they are able to handle any type of medical necessity along the way. In addition, medical transportation personnel will do their best to make their clients comfortable and happy during their trip. Those will disabilities or serious medical concerns make think that these trips would be highly uncomfortable or unpleasant, but medical transportation personnel make every effort to make the trip enjoyable for their patients. What Kinds of Medical Treatments and Care Do Medical Transport Teams Provide? Medical transportation specialists will handle any type of medical need or State to State Patient Transport that their patients require. The on-board staff members are highly qualified and can handle any type of continued medical treatment or unexpected medical emergency. Depending on the needs of the patient, staff on a medical transportation flight will handle any type of IV treatments, colostomy bags, dialysis machines, catheters, oxygen treatments, wound care and more to keep their patients healthy and comfortable. The type of staff members on a medical transportation flight will also depend on the needs and physical condition of the patient to be transported. What Types of Qualifications Are Needed to Work in the Medical Transportation Field? Medical transportation services have different needs from their staff, so the types of qualifications required will vary. Generally, medical transportation companies will need a variety of EMTs, nurses, physicians and other less qualified employees to successfully provide service to patients. For those interested in entering the medical transportation field as a career choice, the following options are available:
  • EMTS/Paramedics. EMTs and paramedics are often thought of as the first-responders for any type of serious accident or medical emergency, but their services are not limited to emergency ambulatory situations. Many medical transport companies prefer to hire qualified paramedics and EMTS to accompany patients on flights or other forms of long-distance travel. They provide basic medical care and can assist in varying types of emergency situations. Paramedics and EMTS typically have to go through at least six month of training before they can receive the most basic certification, but more advanced certifications and training are available and preferred. Generally, a paramedic or EMT that works with a medical transportation company can expect an average salary of around $35,000 each year.
  • RNs. Registered nurses on an Air Ambulance often assist doctors and other medical professionals in hospitals, nursing homes and medical offices, but they are also a valuable asset to medical transportation teams. RNs must go through a substantial amount of training in a nationally-recognized nurse training school or program. Typically, RNs have accomplished at least two years of special training and education before they receive their degree. Nurses play a huge role in medical transportation teams, and they are some of the most valuable team members for these companies. Nurses that choose to work with a medical transportation company will earn a yearly salary of $70,000 or more.
  • Physicians. Physicians are the most skilled and trained members of medical transport teams, and they provide the most intense levels of medical care. Physicians are required for patients that are in critical or unstable condition for their trip or that require Air Critical Care, and they are able to meet almost any medical need. Physicians must go through four years of medical school as well as several years of residency and training before they are qualified to help with medical transportation teams. As they provide the most specialized and attentive medical care possible, physicians will receive an annual salary of $180,000 or more when they choose to work for a medical transportation company.
  • Other Team Members. Some medical transportation teams will hire less-skilled workers to help with general needs. These employees may be responsible for handling meal preparation, bathing, personal grooming, entertainment and other needs for the patient being transported. To work for a medical transportation team in one of these capacities, people must generally be age 21 or older with a high school degree and have a clean driving record, background and drug panel.
Medical transportation teams make travel possible for those with serious medical issues. Team members for these trips are normally highly-skilled medical personnel, but there are also positions available for those with less experience. A career in Air Medical Transport is a great way to help others and travel the country while providing expert care.