July 15, 2013

Air Critical Care Offers Many Convenient Options for Medical Transport Services

by brcwyngthm in Blog

If you are faced with coordinating the transportation of a loved one from one medical facility to another, look no further than Air Critical Care. With top notch medical professionals, strong customer service, and vast experience in medical transport, Air Critical Can help. Call 1-800-550-0674 for more information about one of these air medical transport services:

  • Air Ambulance: Air Critical Care offers air ambulance services to patients looking for caring and strong medical care during long distance medical transport. The aircraft used by Air Critical Care are equipped as mobile intensive care units in the sky.
  • Medical Escort: Medical escort services are also available for those who may need some medical assistance to travel, but do not need a private air ambulance. This can be one of the most cost effective forms of air medical transport, especially if a patient is medically stable. This service is often used for those who are fairly independent but need some additional help with boarding or changing planes.
  • International commercial medical stretcher services: Air Critical Care can convert a commercial airplane into an advanced air ambulance, offering an alternative to private air medical services for those traveling internationally and needing greater accommodations. Seats are removed and a medical stretcher is installed in the commercial aircraft.
  • Long Distance Ambulance: Finally, Air Critical can provide large, comfortable vans that are staffed with experienced medical personnel to accompany your loved one by vehicle to their destination.