July 13, 2015

Medicine Comes Into The Modern Age With Air Medical Transport Options That Are Available For All

by brcwyngthm in Blog

Medical Transport Plane

Having to transport a family member who is ill a long distance is a trying experience. It is difficult to keep someone with a serious illness comfortable on a much shorter journey. However when the trip involves the mileage between cities, countries or continents the stakes are that much larger and the repercussions of mismanaging the trip are additionally significant. To these ends, choosing the right critical care transporation service can mean the difference between life and death for a loved one. Air Critical Care (ACC) To serve these important goals and provide the best medical transportation possible, families need to work with an Air Critical Care (ACC) company that offers an extensive range of services. This means every step of the trip is planned to the most minute detail. Each patient is carefully monitored each step of the way, with nothing left to chance. From the time a man, woman or child is gently moved from their original bedside, to the moment when they are placed in their new hospital or home-based bed, an entire crew is there to assist their every need. Family members need to be confident that whether their patient is at a basic or critical care level, all of their medical requirements will be met. At every turn this patient will be attended to by a staff experienced in bringing forth the highest levels of service both on the ground and in the air. In addition to medical services, every patient will receive a personalized standard of care, a “personal touch” that combines both medical expertise with a tremendous dose of true compassion. Communications is Key Organization is important when there are multiple aspects of medical transportation, and in particular long distance medical transport. A communications center must be staffed on a 24/7 basis with transport specialists who understand how to make every piece of the puzzle fit together seamlessly. Precisely because the passenger is so ill, timing must be cared out with military precision. With their wealth of experience, the long distance ambulance staff, commercial medical escort and air ambulance crew all perform as one. This type of concern is a primary reason why families choose a service like ACC over other general commercial ground and air transportation carriers. When families members are not able to travel with their loved one their personal communications coordinator will keep them fully abreast of the situation as things occur. They can breathe a sign of relief as their coordinator informs them where their loved one is in flight, along with each aspect of their ground transportation as it progresses. An Experienced Medevac Crew is Paramount Transportation services for critically ill patients depends on the skill and training of all those who assist them. To serve this mission, ACC staffs its teams with only the best and most dedicated individuals in the industry. These include Physicians, Critical Care Registered Nurses, Paramedics and Respiratory Therapists. Each professional is chosen for a trip based on their background and ability to provide customized care to a patient while en-route. In addition, team members must have training in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Aero Medical Physiology to work with patients. The ACC team has not only met these requirements, but has exceeded them in order to provide the most advanced level of care to their passengers both in the air and when back on the ground. Rapid Response Families in need of critical care transport should visit the website of Air Critical Care located online at http://aircriticalcare.com. On these web pages, they can request a quote either by phone or by filing on an online form. The cost of transporting a critically ill loved one by long distance ambulance or air transportation is competitively priced, and comes without hidden fees. Air Medical Transport options are available for all of North America, as well as countries all over the globe.