March 2, 2015

Air Medical Services Saves Lives Every Day

by brcwyngthm in Blog
Getting to a physicians’s office or a medical center is not always an easy thing to do. The assumption should never be that the patient is able to drive themselves to their office appointment or to the hospital for clinical testing to be performed. It is also not practical to assume that one’s friends and family can drive them as well. This is particularly true of senior citizens and all those who have serious medical issues. Public and Privately Available Options Taking public transportation is both inconvenient and can be potentially dangerous for an elderly person. Asking a taxi driver or private car service to bring patients to medical appointments can also be a direct route to additional trouble. However well meaning these individuals may be, their vehicles are not designed to take the disabled and infirmed on the road. These are passengers whose issues need special accommodations for safe and comfortable transport. This is true whether their destination is just a few miles down the street or further away in the next town or municipality. No one should be denied a chance to see the right medical team just because their driving days are over or they are unable to make the trip on their own. Benefits of Medical Transport Services For longer trips, long distance medical transport is prepared to take their passengers wherever they need to be to attend to their medical needs. Travel can be via interstate highway or whatever route is determined to be both timely and efficient. This allows patients to see doctors at distant medical centers or obtain therapies only given at university based teaching hospitals. An additional benefit of hiring a medical transport company is the fact that their drivers are trained to work with older passengers and those individuals who live with mobility related issues. No where is this more evident as with the problem of medical and mobility accessible equipment. Passengers and Necessary Equipment Walkers, wheelchairs and medical accessories need to stored securely during any trip. Professionally based elderly medical transport prevents these necessary items from being damaged by movement. This can render equipment potentially unusable to the very people who depend on them for their daily activities and adult independence. Air Transportation for Special Needs Passengers Air Medical Services are one aspect of transportation services that most senior citizens and their families are not aware of. Professional air medical transport allows patients to see physicians and medical experts in geographic regions that require many hours or days of driving. Pilots and flight attendants are especially trained for their role in the transportation of mobility impaired and critically ill patients. This allows patients who are physically unable to take conventional passenger aircraft due to their condition a route of transportation without the exorbitant expense of hiring a private jet. Patients and their passengers are made comfortable and secured for their flight. Medical personnel, family members and appropriate escorts can rest assured that the trip aloft will be made as smooth as possible by their concerned pilot. For more information on any of these types of travel and to schedule an appointment, visit the web pages of This website contains both informational and educational materials on the topic. At all times, patients needed transportation should speak with their personal physician before making arrangements for travel.