Air Medical Transport Services

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air ambulance

Air Ambulance

Air ambulance is the greatest and fastest method of transporting critically ill patients from one place to another in comfort worldwide.

Air Ambulance

commercial medical escort

Medical Escort

Medical escort is a very cost effective method of medical transportation when the patient’s physical condition permits sitting up for extended periods of time.

Medical Escort

international medical stretcher

International Medical Strecther

International commercial stretcher is available on international flights. This service is a cost effective way to transport patients confined to a stretcher.

International Medical Stretcher

long distance ambulance

Long Distance Ambulance

Long distance ambulance is the most cost effective alternative to air ambulance. Our sister service, ACC Medlink provides nationwide long distance medical transportation.

Long Distance Ambulance

Michael Sonntag

“Thank you for getting my pregnant wife to New York.”

Barbara Hornsby

“The care was excellent and the staff was very friendly.”

Walker Family

“We just want to thank ACC for transporting my dad.”