April 1, 2015

Reasons to use Long Distance Medical Transportation

by brcwyngthm in Blog

A long distance ambulance is not something that is used for emergency calls. This type of transport is ordered when someone has become ill or disabled in some manner and needs to be moved from one location to another. Long Distance Medical Transportation is needed in numerous types of situations.

If an elderly parent becomes unable to take care of themselves, the adult children may require state to state elderly transport to bring them to their homes or a nursing facility nearer to where they live. Likewise, someone who is moving out of state, but is caring for someone with disabilities or reliant on specific medical equipment may need help getting them to their destination.

Occasionally someone will be diagnosed with a rare illness or require a procedure that only a few specialists are able to handle. When this happens they are often already a patient in one medical facility and are unable because of their illness to drive or fly the distant required to reach the hospital where the specialist is located. Long distance patient transport is the method that hospitals use to get the patients where they need to be.

Another possibility that many people do not like to think about, but happens all of the time, are people becoming ill or injured while on vacation. A common occurrence is during bike weeks and other types of events like these. Anywhere that experiences a dramatic increase in traffic in a very short period of time will also suddenly have a larger amount of accidents than normal. Someone injured on this type of trip may be well enough to travel home, but not healthy enough to ride a motorcycle or comfortably ride in a car.

Long Distance Medical Transportation is a service that makes it possible for families to be reunited, loved ones to be closer to home and for some to actually make it home. It is this type of transportation that is often the only way for some very ill patients to spend their final days at home. Those that use this type of long distance disabled transport do not need to be critically ill, just injured or requiring enough care that it is not feasible to use other forms of transportation.