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What you should know before choosing an Air Ambulance

An air ambulance is a vital transportation option for emergency healthcare. Whether an injured hiker needs to be rescued from a mountaintop, or a trauma case has to be transported to a suitable hospital, this mode of transportation can ensure timely medical, life saving treatment. However, before getting into an air ambulance, there are some […]


A Career in Medical Transport is Fulfilling and Profitable

The medical transportation industry provides a valuable service for those with serious medical issues. Many people with health problems need to travel to other locations, but cannot do so safely without special help. Medical transportation teams will handle any long or short distance travel needs to make life easier for those with disabilities or medical […]


Medicine Comes Into The Modern Age With Air Medical Transport Options That Are Available For All

Having to transport a family member who is ill a long distance is a trying experience. It is difficult to keep someone with a serious illness comfortable on a much shorter journey. However when the trip involves the mileage between cities, countries or continents the stakes are that much larger and the repercussions of mismanaging […]


State to State Patient Transport May Help Save a Life

Imagine for a moment, your daughter and her husband are out of town on vacation. An unexpected phone call is received. Apparently, daughter has been involved in a car accident. This is very frustrating because she is in another area and her family won’t be able to visit her in the hospital. If something similar […]


Uses of Air Medical Services

Air Medical Services are used to remove injured people from accident scenes, from inaccessible places, such as mountain tops, and to transport patients from community hospitals to trauma centers. Air Medical Transport is the fastest method of transporting critically ill patients, and requires a specialized crew. Medical personnel have extra training that allows them to provide […]


Air Ambulance Transport Meets a Variety of Patient Needs

                                     Air Ambulance Transport Meets a Variety of Patient Needs Medical professionals today deal with a wide variety of patient issues. However, before any medical assistance can be rendered, patients must first get to the medical facility. In […]


Exploring Ways to Pay for state to State Patient Transport

As America’s baby boomer population continues to age, there is an ever-growing number of scenarios in which it is necessary to move an aged person with unique health concerns from point A to point B. There are often many situations where state to state disabled transport is necessary, even though the patient may not be […]


Reasons to use Long Distance Medical Transportation

A long distance ambulance is not something that is used for emergency calls. This type of transport is ordered when someone has become ill or disabled in some manner and needs to be moved from one location to another. Long Distance Medical Transportation is needed in numerous types of situations. If an elderly parent becomes […]


When You’re Ill And Far From Home, Don’t Feel Stranded: Contact An Air Medical Transport

You don’t choose when or where you become ill. It could be far away from home on vacation or a business trip. When you’re too far from home to travel by ground, you can contact an Air Medical Transport to get you back home safely. Whether you’re in a domestic or international location, they can […]


Air Medical Services Saves Lives Every Day

Getting to a physicians’s office or a medical center is not always an easy thing to do. The assumption should never be that the patient is able to drive themselves to their office appointment or to the hospital for clinical testing to be performed. It is also not practical to assume that one’s friends and […]