Air Ambulance California

Air Critical Care is a company that's become known for providing the highest quality in California medical flights and air ambulance transportation. We give patients safe and reliable repatriation across the globe and throughout the Golden State. From Los Angeles to San Diego and the other cities in California, Air Critical Care offers the best and the brightest licensed medical crews available, as well as unparalleled care for you or your loved one.

We look to our Medical Director, Dr. Blane M. Crandall, to supervise our air ambulance transports. Dr. Crandall, a graduate of the University of South Florida, is an internal medicine specialist who heads our Obstetric Emergency Transport Unit.

Air Ambulance California

Air Medical Transport Services

Our industry-leading air medical transport services are also appreciated for the "personal touch" we offer patients and families, our little way of saying that there is nothing you can't request. Accompanying the personal touch, you'll find our complete bedside-to-bedside services, which offer medical flights and ground ambulance transportation to and from health facilities and airports. We take on patients of all kinds, from those who require the most basic level of air ambulance service to those in need of critical care. Most importantly, we employ medical crews who will never leave the patients' side, guaranteeing that both patients and their families are always receiving the very highest level of care.

  • Just give us ONE CALL, and we'll take it from there. CALL 1-800-550-0674.
  • Get to know our "PERSONAL TOUCH," where we take care of everything for you, just like a family does.
  • Our FIRST-CLASS CARE is bedside-to-bedside.
  • For medical flights, Air Critical Care provides a FULLY EQUIPPED Air Fleet, Transport Coordinators, Medical Professionals, and Pilots.

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Michael Sonntag

“Thank you for getting my pregnant wife to New York.”

Barbara Hornsby

“The care was excellent and the staff was very friendly.”

Walker Family

“We just want to thank ACC for transporting my dad.”